Thanks for the memories, Chris

Between innings in the sixth Wednesday at Yankee Stadium, a video was played on the center field screen showing Chris Chambliss’ pennant-winning home run in the bottom of the ninth inning against the Royals in the clinching game of the 1976 American League Championship Series at the old Stadium the year it had re-opened.

It remains one of the most amusing pieces of video in Yankees history because of the way Chambliss had to run the bases like a football fullback to get through an onrushing crowd of fans that stormed the field as he tried to make sure he touched all the bases so that the homer would count.

Chambliss told me years ago that the incident was the most satisfying and terrifying of his career in equal doses.

The crowd reacted with its usual combination of celebration and awe of his achievement. The next view on the screen was of Chambliss himself as he waved to the fans from the Seattle bench in the visitors’ dugout. Chris is the Mariners’ batting coach and has not had much to smile about during their 17-game losing streak. He was pleased to see Yankees fans remember him fondly.

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