Another strike against K-Reynolds

Has anyone figured out yet how it is that Mark Reynolds is in the major leagues? Watching him botch a play at third base in the sixth inning Tuesday night that helped the Yankees get back in the game reminded me that I cannot figure out why Reynolds is on a major-league roster.

Reynolds’ inability to handle a hard grounder by Russell Martin kept the inning alive for the Yanks, who tied the score moments later on Brett Gardner’s single to right off lefthander Wei-Yin Chen, the Taiwanese import who was making his major-league debut but was stuck with a no-decision thanks in part to Reynolds.

I don’t want to sound mean, but can you imagine what it is like for Orioles manager Buck Showalter to watch Reynolds play every night? Yes, he hits home runs at an average of between 30 and 35 a year. He hit 44 one season for the Diamondbacks. Very nice, but what else does he do?

Reynolds is a human strikeout machine with three seasons of 200-plus Ks and an average of 199 per season. For 200 punchouts a year, I need more than 30 bombs from a guy, like maybe asking him to catch the ball. Reynolds made 31 errors last year, the second time he has committed more than 30 in a season, and already has two in five games this year, which is only a pace for 65!

All this from a player who is being paid $7.5 million this year and due $11 million in wages next year. I just don’t get it, but it is fine with the Yankees for him to be around to help take away his team’s lead.


The guy has played in 5 games, give him a second or two. Plus last night he swallowed his lip.

Five games? Yes, this season, but he has played 722 games in his career, which is more than a second or two.

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